Pruning Trimming / PruningWe have experienced Certified Arborists on staff to help you inspect and evaluate your trees.  We trim trees to extend their usefulness in the landscape.   Read more fertilization FertilizingTrees in populated settings need extra help. Homeowners like beautiful yards and that means nice lawns. When leaves are removed in this process… Read more
Truck Spraying / Pest ManagementProperly maintained trees are better suited to fend off insect and disease problems. Diseases can be fungal or bacterial, brought on by weather conditions or insects moving from tree to tree. Read more Plant Health CareIf we can catch a problem early or before it starts, the remedy may be easier and less costly with less damage to the plants than if the problem has been allowed to become established… Read more
  Removal / Stump GrindingWhen removal of a tree becomes necessary B. Haney & Sons will make the process as safe and easy on your property. Read more ConsultingWe offer consultation services for the customer who wants more of an informational quote as opposed to a free quote left in the mailbox. Read more
  Wood Waste RecyclingThe tree material generated by our tree care operations along with logs, brush and woodchips taken in from Villages, Park Districts, Landscapers, and other Tree Companies is processed into mulch products. Read more Mulch MulchWe at B. Haney and Sons have been recycling our wood waste into mulch, a reusable product, for many years. This was beneficial at the time for two reasons, no dumping fees and less fill in the landfills. Read more