Consulting / Pre & Post Construction


We offer consultation services for the customer who wants more of an informational quote as opposed to a free quote left in the mailbox.

We can help you:

  • Identify the trees and shrubs on your property
  • Inspect and evaluate your trees
  • Suggest ways to protect your trees during construction projects
  • Give advice on what type of trees or bushes to plant.
  • Nurse trees back to health after damage has already occurred

Our arborist will work with you to accomplish the goals you have in mind.

A consultation is different from a free estimate because of the time spent with the customer. Free Estimates are good when asking for general trimming or removal but if you have questions you would like to have answered in a face to face meeting we recommend you have a consultation.

Consultation fee is $105.00 for the first hour and $75.00 for every hour thereafter, this fee must be paid at the time of the consutation. If you accept the proposal for work we will give you a credit for the consultation amount when the work is done and invoiced.

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