Fertilizing Services

FertilizationTrees in populated settings need extra help. Homeowners like beautiful yards and that means nice lawns. When leaves are removed in this process, there nutrient source is also removed. In forested areas natural decomposition of the fallen material replenishes the soil with nutrient rich food. Other reasons to fertilize your trees:

  • Trees compete with lawns for food
  • Food gathering root space is taken up by pavement and other man made structures
  • Drought
  • Compacted soils
  • Root growth

A healthy tree is able to:

  • Compete better in the landscape
  • Fight off pests and diseases
  • Provide a more aesthetically pleasing landscape

Timing of fertilization is important also. Your above ground (shoot growth) will be the main benefit with spring fertilization and the below ground (root growth) will benefit with fall fertilization

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